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Southeastern Region Centennial Events
Atlanta, GA
June 11-12, 2022

The Sophisticated Southeastern Region planned activities in Atlanta on the RHOad to Centennial.  There was a Comedy Show, Day Party, Divine 9 run and a Brunch crawl.  Below are a few photos of LSS' participation. 


Divine 9 5K - The Blue and Gold "Takeover"

Day 2 of the Sophisticated Southeastern Region Centennial Celebration weekend started with the Divine Nine 5K. Sigma Gamma Rho showed up and showed out and Lamba Sigma Sigma was among the beautiful sea of Blue and Gold.


SER Centennial Brunch

Brunch was a perfect way to end the Sophisticated Southeastern Region's Centennial Celebration. The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and the sisterly love was real.  The next stop was Indianapolis on the RHOad to Centennial.

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