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Happy New Year Lambda Sigma Sigma

FALL 2015

Happy New Year Lambda Sigma Sigma!!!!

Hopefully by now we have all made our New Year resolutions and have had the opportunity to initiate the changes needed to move forward into this New Year.

Lambda Sigma Sigma certainly delivered on a resolution in 2015 that brought the entry of 16 new sorors to the sisterhood! Sigma Kudos to the Membership committee who persevered the ocean of blue and gold and guided our 16 neophytes to the land of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Welcome on board, Cheryl Anderson, Danielle Banks, Elecisha Pope-Bradford, Missan DeSouza, Carla Fowler, Ashlee Gamble, Tyneisha Hamilton, Erica Harrington, Courtney Hendrix, Chelsea Hooks, Erica Hooper, Shari-Dean Juvani Huey, Tashira Jones, Cynthia McLane, Karen Russell and Lakesha Daniels-Williams. You honor us with your presence and we anticipate great expectations from each of you as you continue your journey with your sorority.

Our new sorors were introduced to the Greek World at a "Meet and Greet" held January 2, 2016, at the Savory Grill, in Stockbridge, GA. The new sorors had the opportunity to meet members of other Greek letter organizations as well as socialize and network.

On the third Saturday of January, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. alumnae chapters simultaneously host programs that seek to improve pregnancy outcomes in high-risk communities by educating women of childbearing age on the need to receive prenatal education and prenatal care for their children. On January 16, 2015, Lambda Sigma Sigma hosted a Community Baby Shower, in partnership with Amerigroup, a Managed Care Organization. Our targeted audience consisted women who were pregnant and/or with infants and children receiving Medicaid. In addition to providing information on prenatal care we attempted to provide a better understanding of proper infant care and child development. The importance of breast feeding was also emphasized. Soror Patricia McKenzie, our committee chairperson was one of the healthcare educators. Participants and their children were "showered" with gifts, played games and provided with lunch.

Our chapter raffled a new born gift basket full of items every new mother would need, a car seat and a booster seat. Participants also had the opportunity to shop, at no cost, for baby clothes and accessories donated by the chapter. Sigma kudos to the Project Cradle Care committee and all sorors who made this event possible.

January 18, 2016, Lambda Sigma Sigma participated in Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in lovely downtown McDonough, Georgia. It was a crisp and breezy 20 degrees, but that did not stop the sorors from participating in a parade for peace. Once the parade was over, sorors gathered for a Day of Service in Stockbridge, Georgia. The chapter hosted the Blood for Life mobile unit and managed to secure 15 donors for blood donations. School supplies were accepted for Operation Big Book Bag. Guest also had the opportunity to donate funds to charity.

Youth Symposium is on the horizon in March. It looks like Lambda Sigma Sigma is poised for “Greater Service Greater Progress” in the New Year of 2016.

Until the next time.

Yours in sisterhood and service,

Gloria Badejo

Lambda Sigma Sigma Chapter, Epistoleus


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