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Introducing The Golden Gazette

September Highlights:

President's Welcome

2016-2018 Executive Board

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September Birthdays

Tanya Blackshear—3rd

Paulette Bragg—13th

Lynda Daniel —17th

Cynthia McLane—28th

Ranita Webb—29th



Welcome to the 2016-2017 Sorority Year. This is an exciting year as we embark on a new journey. We have new leadership ready to take us to the next level. We elected a new International Grand Basileus, Soror Deborah Catchings- Smith, a new Regional Syntaktes, Soror Jakimva Martin, and a new chapter Basileus, yours truly, Soror Kyana Cannon. We also have a new Georgia Area Coordinator, Soror Romonda Middlebrooks-Jefferson, charter member of Lambda Sigma Sigma.

New items were voted on during Boule to include adding Military Sorors as a membership option, as well as holding Regional Conference and Boule on alternate years. There will be a special set Boule scheduled for 2017 to further discuss Constitutional matters.

Our Seven Founders would be proud to see the growth and progression of our sorority. Within the local level, I encourage you to join me on this journey and get involved. This year promises to be an eventful one. We will hold our inaugural Awards and Achievement program where we can recognize sorors for the great work you are doing for Sigma. We will celebrate our first class of Rhoers and begin the process of obtaining a Georgia license plate. We will continue to grow through our membership activities and T.O.R.C.H. program.

Find your passion and get involved. There is something for everyone in Lambda Sigma Sigma. Opportunity is here.

I look forward to serving with you as we Stand Up and Stand Out for Sigma.

Kyana Cannon, Basileus

Lambda Sigma Sigma Alumnae Chapter

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


2016-2018 Executive Board

Basileus - Kyana Cannon

Anti-Basileus - Deborah L. Brown

Tamiochus - Laverne Seals

Grammateus - Nichelle Williams

Anti-Grammateus - Elecisha Pope-Bradford Epistoleus - Luvob Brown

Parliamentarian - Tashira Jones



Over the summer, the Epistoleus Team set out to enhance chapter communications by revamping our chapter newsletter. We implemented a fun and engaging contest to promote chapter participation for creating a name for our newsletter. Mission accomplished! Several Sorors stood up and submitted entries. The Executive Board carefully considered all the entries submitted and selected the entry that closely captured the essence of our sorority while presenting the latest in chapter news. A big congratulations goes to Soror LaKeysha Daniels-Williams for submitting the winning entry"The Golden Gazette" . She is the winner of the $50 gift certificate from Designs by Dee’s Hands. The honorable mention credit goes to Soror Maryum Hasan-Autry, winner of the Burning Sands $25 gift certificate.

Contributing Writers: Elecisa Pope-Bradford & Luv Brown



Please join Lambda Sigma Sigma in congratulating our Chapter Anti-Basileus Dr. Deborah Brown on several recent appointments. At the 56th Biennial Boule in Cleveland, Ohio, Soror Brown was appointed as the National Centennial Membership Committee Chair. Regionally, Soror Brown has been appointed as the Regional Education and Training Chair as well as the Georgia Membership Chair. Her hard work and dedication are being rewarded. She is an exemplary example of what that commitment to Sigma can look like! Kudos to Soror Deborah Brown.



Lambda Sigma Sigma Stood Up and Stood Out proudly and received awards on both the chapter and personal level during the 56th Boule. For the 2014 – 2016 Boule to Boule contest, Operation R3 to Recruit, Reclaim and Retain, Anti-Basileus, Soror Deborah Brown, was awarded with a pin for having recruited and retained 18 Sorors. Sorors Luv Brown, Natalie Cole and Patricia McKenzie were also recognized and received certificates for recruiting at least one Soror into the c