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Happy Charter Day!!!

Six years of “Greater Service, Greater Progress”

Fellowship was in full effect June 9th, 2018 as we laughed, strolled and ate good from the many delicious dishes provided by members.

Sorors filled the Fairfield Community Association Clubhouse to commemorate Lambda Sigma Sigma’s 6th chapter anniversary. Founded on June 9th, 2012 by 12 women, LSS has grown in insurmountable ways while serving the community, just recently becoming a centennial chapter by welcoming 36 ladies of the 2018 Torch Class.

Since 2012, there have been major key players who have aided in the progression of this chapter in such a short time, including Sorors Deborah Brown, Paulette Bragg, Kyana Cannon, Gloria Badejo, Tanya Blackshear, Luv Brown, and many more. As the chapter continues to grow and propel forward, it’s important that we remember the tireless efforts demonstrated to bring us where we are today.

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