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2018-2019 Rhosebud Ceremony

Dressed in African prints, Lambda Sigma Sigma welcomed the 2018-2019 Rhosebud Club. On October 20th, Sorors supported our budding future, as we showed these young ladies and their families that it takes a village in raising the youth. This year’s theme was “From the Beginning,” which Soror Kelley, the Rhosebud Club Advisor, stated was “the emphasis put on the love of the village and community that cares for our children.” During the ceremony, there was a drummer who provided a cultural rhythm for the girls’ introductions.

There was also a spoken word piece performed by Soror Erica Louise Richards, and a "Mentor Commitment" moment in which mentors surrounded the Rhosebuds and recited a poem. There were books created for the Rhosebuds to be signed by their mentors, and each Rhosebud presented a book report for books they’ve chosen to read, prior to cutting their cake to commemorate this special day. Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Rhosebud Club.

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