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Sigma Woman on the Move

Soror Erica Louise Richards We Salute You and wish you well!

To know Rica G. is to know passion, purpose, and creativity. Everything this woman touches turns to absolute gold. Worth far more than any money, but rich in experience and wealthy with commitment that reaches communities far and wide. Erica Louise Richards also know as "Rica G".. The ”G” possibly meaning a plethora of things including greatness, "Golden Griot" (her SGRHO Line name) gratifying, glamorous, graduate of Georgia Tech University, but much more relevant to the present, the G stands for GONE. As if Atlanta didn’t need her more, this Chi-town gem who has been pouring into the lives of our youth in so many different capacities. Including a unique teaching style where she infuses hip-hop with her science lessons in elementary and secondary school levels. Rica G. will be going to Jamaica for a year long educational endeavor. We know she will be a blessing to Jamaica with her many talents. To say we will miss her is an absolute understatement.